Friday, 24 August 2012


A Baby Owl by Special Request from over the river.

Dancing Flower pots

Brilliant job of the Green House by Myles and Luke

Spot the friendly Bee by Liane

The Little Water Vole is trying to hide

The lovely nature Garden complete with the traditional Slug

Filling in the Sky, required alot more spray than we thought it would

Nathan adds lovely fish life

Nikki outlines the cyclists

The allotment takes shape

Check out the chilling Frog

"In the Zone"

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Work Has Began

At long last the work has began, the lovely sprays arrived early on Monday.  We got a phone call from Kelly and immediately the troops rallied and we arrived to mark out the picture. There is no doubt about it, it was a little scary seeing the expanse of wall ahead of us, but with Luke and Myles leading the way and enthusiasm from the rest of us, Mark making was done and slowly as the day progressed the outlines began to take shape.  So far the feedback from the public has been wonderful, with comments on the whole mural, or excitement over individual pieces. This has got to be one of the most encouraging things about doing a project like this. A real big thank you to all of you who have popped up to see us.  So........anyhow here are the first of some pictures marking our new art work.

  Work is well on the way
Nature is well on the way to completion

More spray is added to the Lincoln swan
The garden is added to.

 Alot of thought is going into the detailing here
  The Grey Squirrel is watching over the site.........
  The allotment is beginning to grow
Nature in Graffiti Woodland Type - love it
The Tree men are really looking great
what can I do to make this a superior piece of art"
Nature garden is really beginning to take shape

Thursday, 19 July 2012

And the practising continues, this time we have decided to try freestyle and stencils to create a foliage background



Monday, 18 June 2012


Using stencils of plantlife to overspray the background, we had a great time.

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Here is Nathan's fish leaping out of the river

Some of Alison's work in situ.

Myles's lovely nature graffiti, so excited that this is all coming together.

Yep and this is the run of the stencils coming together.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

15TH MAY 2012
After our taster session in the days previous, we noted that the effect of spray painting on the corrugated metal surface gave a much cleaner look and had greater impact than the other brush painted pieces on the wall. The only problem being that only a small amount of the group had ever picked up a spray can before. We decided to have a spray paint tester session today where we opened out large boxes and stuck them together to make a large surface on which to paint on. Those who had sprayed before helped the others and I think we all definately showed signs of improvement by the end of it. Here are some of our efforts.

13TH MAY 2012
More great news. A friends of Alisons, Jane Wright who is a photographer has offered us her services to document the mural process.