Friday, 24 August 2012


A Baby Owl by Special Request from over the river.

Dancing Flower pots

Brilliant job of the Green House by Myles and Luke

Spot the friendly Bee by Liane

The Little Water Vole is trying to hide

The lovely nature Garden complete with the traditional Slug

Filling in the Sky, required alot more spray than we thought it would

Nathan adds lovely fish life

Nikki outlines the cyclists

The allotment takes shape

Check out the chilling Frog

"In the Zone"


  1. This project is great - I love seeing how it develops and unfolds over time, you can see the individuality of the artists coming through yet the piece seems to work really well as whole. I spot a little something new every day and it totally brightens up what was a depressing looking area. Thanks for your hard work!

  2. I passed by on Friday and was really impressed not only with the quality of the artwork, but also the immense scale of the piece. You guys certainly love a challenge! You've really brightened up the riverside, keep up the good work.