Wednesday, 16 May 2012

8TH MAY 2012
Today we roll out a mahoosive sheet of paper and all set about doodling our ideas down. This is a great time to test out composition and to see how people's different work can interact together. We now have some basic ideas down and the bones of some kind of structure to the piece! Things are slowly coming together and it really feels like we're getting somewhere.

Nathan Boden
Alana Pope
Myles Allensen
Alison Rattigan
Bagder: Luke St-Clair Pedroza, Cat: Alison Rattigan
Myles Hamilton
Alix Verity

Liane Green

Badger: Luke St-Clair Pedroza, Foliage: Alana Pope

Jack Tottie

Alix Verity

Charli Barnett

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